Privacy Policy

AJK Services Ltd have a responsibility to ensure all DATA stored and held is secure. This document shows the following:
What DATA is stored
What the DATA is used for
Where the DATA is sent
Who has control
Who has access
What we do with old DATA

This document will work in conjunction with our company Privacy Policy, DATA Protection Policy and the Staff handbook.

DATA Storage
Personnel DATA is held within 2 areas of the business. Firstly, within the HR department, kept both electronically and hard copy files. The HR manager has overall access to all data, with secondary access by the Accounts Manager.
All DATA held electronically has access via password security. Hard copy information is held under lock and key which are secured within the HR department office in a locked draw.

Personnel DATA is only used for cases of emergency, disciplinaries and appraisals. Requests for information must go via the HR Manager and as per changes to the regulations we now ask for a months’ notice from employees. MD has full access via HR Manager.
DATA will also be used where necessary for Payroll, this is via SAGE and accessible by Accounts Manager and Directors. This purely for Payroll purposes only.

Due to the nature of our clients all our staff need to go through security checks, forms are completed with the employees input and authority.

Control of DATA
Personnel DATA – HR Manager
Pay DATA – Accounts Manager
Supplier/Client DATA – Quality Manager/Business Support Manager
Access Various
HR Manager
Quality Manager
Finance Manager

All old DATA held is archived either electronically or held in hard copy format by the HR Manager. Both areas are secured via password or keys.